How to sell Jacksonville on London games

With the Rams bowing out of an opportunity to play multiple games in London, it’s no surprise the Jaguars are stepping in.

The team will announce tomorrow its intention to try to become London’s home team by playing one home game there in four consecutive seasons starting in 2013.

Growing the fan base of the league’s least popular team seems a smart idea, and I hardly think it means the Jaguars would be destined to land completely and permanently in London.

After all, there are a few requirements for that sort of move. League owners have to be willing to endure what an overseas team would mean to the league’s operational logistics. And London has to show it would respond favorably to a full slate of American football games.

I don’t think either is a guarantee.

In the meantime, I don’t think owner Shad Khan will have such a hard time selling his team’s American fan base on this idea.

I’d start by telling fans this: A season ticket package is expensive. It just got smaller and less expensive for the next four seasons. Instead of a 10-game slate, you get nine. (Sorry we can’t fix the preseason rip-off part, that predated our ownership.) Nine is cheaper than 10. You can live without one. And that one is going to help us in the revenue department in a way that should make us a more stable franchise, assuring you at least nine.