Ray Lewis fine with offense leading Ravens

It would be considered blasphemy if you didn't consider the source. Ravens middle linebacker Ray Lewis said he is fine if the Ravens' offense ends up being the dominant side of the ball this year.

“At the end of the day, that’s why we are called a team,” Lewis told the team's official website. “It don’t matter who takes the lead, who does whatever. We go into games and we win games together. That’s the bottom line emphasis.”

I can see that happening in 2012. The Ravens' defense is without Terrell Suggs, and their top leaders -- Lewis and safety Ed Reed -- are on the downside of their careers. Meanwhile, on offense, Baltimore has young stars in quarterback Joe Flacco, running back Ray Rice and wide receiver Torrey Smith.

You still have to file this under "I'll believe it when I see it." The Ravens' defense has ranked in the top 10 for nine straight seasons, including No. 3 last season. Baltimore's offense has never finished higher than 13th over the past 14 years. That's been the tradition in Baltimore where the Ravens won a Super Bowl in 2000 with a record-setting defense and a scoring-challenged offense.

Still, the fact that Lewis is even acknowledging the fact that the Ravens could be led by their offense instead of their defense is significant.

“For us offensively, what we’re doing -- the tempo and things we’re creating -- are we excited about it?” Lewis asked. “Absolutely.”