Steelers' Clark on 'hating' the Ravens

Steelers safety Ryan Clark says he doesn't hate the Ravens. Well, except for the times when he does.

Confused? If I'm reading Clark's interview on the NFL Network correctly, he doesn't hate the Ravens personally but he definitely dislikes some of their actions.

“I get that question a lot and I don’t really hate them,” Clark said. “I was working out with Terrell Suggs this summer before his injury and he’s a really cool dude. He said it himself that people don’t understand that we only hate you two or three weeks out of the year."

Clark added, "I will say this about the Ravens: Playing that first game last year and watching them dance on the field, seeing them fake an extra point while up 27 [points] already, it allowed me to understand how much they actually dislike us as an organization. It brewed and stirred up a little hate in me also for me to understand how I have to approach playing them and how I have to look at them.”

Clark, though, takes pleasure in giving his AFC North rival some jabs. “I still feel like, this organization, we worry about winning championships. We don’t focus on beating one team,” Clark said. “It won’t be Gatorade baths because we beat the Ravens, it won’t be parties, it won’t be bottles popping and confetti. It will be one game on our journey to win the Super Bowl and I always look at that.”

What Clark was referring to was the Gatorade bath that the players gave coach John Harbaugh after the Week 8 victory at Pittsburgh, which did seem to go overboard for a regular-season game. But this isn't the best shot that Clark has taken at the Ravens this year. Remember Clark was the one who referred to the Ravens as "always the bridesmaid and never a bride" after Baltimore's loss in the AFC Championship Game.

It was also around this time last year when Clark said there isn't a rivalry with the Ravens until they start winning. Now, after the Ravens' sweep of the Steelers last season, Clark would have to agree with the rest of us that this is the best rivalry in the NFL, and perhaps in all of sports. Too bad that we have to wait 87 days until they meet.