Colts not dwelling on last season

The Colts’ roster is hardly set.

Jim Irsay is tweeting about a big trade that could be breaking. (I have it from a good source the target is not Pittsburgh receiver Mike Wallace.)

They have the No. 1 slot in waiver claims and massive cuts around the league are coming soon.

But the guys who are fixtures are not waiting for the final 53 to be announced to work on formulating an identity.

When I visited the Colts earlier in the preseason, cornerback Jerraud Powers talked about developing a team personality. These Colts feel a distance from last year’s 2-14 version of the team as they get ready for their season opener Sept. 9 in Chicago.

“This team hasn’t lost one game, just like the Chicago Bears haven’t lost one game,” Powers said. “Last year has not been mentioned at all, not even one bit. Nobody is dwelling on last year.”

New coach Chuck Pagano saw the Colts from afar last year. He also saw them from afar when they were a constant division-winning playoff team before that.

“Last year was an aberration,” he said. “They’ve won and they’ve won and they’ve won here. The coaches before me and everyone else top down have done a tremendous job here. They had an off year, it’s unfortunate what happened. But there is a mixture of veteran leadership with the youth here that there is no reason we can’t do something special.”

Saturday night, the Colts play in Washington. A preseason game is being hyped since it’s the No. 1 pick in the draft, Andrew Luck, against the No. 2 pick, Robert Griffin III.

The Colts are hardly caught up in that. They are focused on a transformation that's picked up some speed.

We’ll see soon if it picks up the kind of veteran star Irsay tweeted about or if he was messing with us.