Jones-Drew contradicts himself, as usual

When he take a handoff, Maurice Jones-Drew is very good at going in one direction.

When it comes to reasoning out an argument, he runs in circles.

Any time he, or his representative, says anything that elicits some negative reaction, in short order he seems to cover the other side. It’s out of context or we didn’t understand or what he really meant was actually close to the opposite.

It’s really tiresome. And it’s no way to make new bosses miss him.

Jones-Drew wants to be all things to all people. He doesn’t like any segment of fans being upset with him, so he tries to hit every side of an argument to make even one happy and make sure no one is upset with him.

When he was critical of Jay Cutler leaving the 2010 NFC Championship Game with an injury, he retreated after backlash.

Here’s the thing -- don’t cast yourself as an outspoken guy if you’re not willing to take a stance and stick with it.

Now, after having his agent speak out about how he was hurt by Jaguars owner Shahid Khan saying the running back’s absence didn’t move the needle, Adisa Bakari said they were open to a trade. (As if their openness to a trade was the thing that would make it happen.)

It was only a matter of time, I knew, before he’d say he didn’t really mean he wanted to play elsewhere.

And sure enough, within days, came this:

"I'd rather stay here with my team, my family,” he said at a recent appearance in Jacksonville. “I talk to my teammates every day, my kids go to school here, I'm rooted here in Jacksonville with the NFL. I'd love to end my career here in Jacksonville, but part of the business is sometimes you can't do things you want."

Do you want to stay or do you want to go?

He’s a step short of Vince Young when asked if he wanted the Heisman Trophy Reggie Bush had to give back. The first time he said yes. The second time he said no. And the third time he said he didn’t know and it wasn’t up to him.

Yep, that about covers all the bases. And amounts to saying nothing, but creates way more frustration.

Over a couple days Jones-Drew did what he does when he’s in a jam created by stances and comments instead of pursuing defenders: He ran in a circle.