New Orleans Saints bracing for storm

The New Orleans Saints, a team that has had to temporarily leave home due to bad weather in the past, might have to do it again.

Assistant head coach Joe Vitt said the team already is adjusting its schedule as recent forecasts show Tropical Storm Isaac could be headed toward New Orleans.

“So, we called our squad in (Sunday) on their day off and informed them that it was our recommendation that they evacuate their families and then we will give the team off (Monday) so that they can further seek shelter for their families,’’ Vitt said. “They firmly understand that. We then work out the schematics of taking our injured players with us and having staff assist the injured players with getting their families out of town.’’

The Saints are scheduled to wrap up their preseason Thursday night at Tennessee and travel plans remain uncertain.

“Our players will be back here at 8 o’clock on Tuesday (morning) and, at such time, we’ll receive an update and see where this weather’s taking us,’’ Vitt said. “If need be, we will have wheels up and go to Tennessee Tuesday morning at 8 o’clock. If we can get our regular practice in, we will get it in here, leave after practice and we’ll evaluate it from there.’’

Vitt said the Saints had exit meetings with 15 players Sunday as they trimmed their roster to 75. Vitt would not say which players were released and asked reporters not to inquire, citing the expedited nature of the process because of the weather concerns. If the Saints announce any roster moves, I’ll let you know.