Ex-Ravens rookie avoids big fine -- for now

Undrafted rookie linebacker Nigel Carr has to deal with the disappointment of not making the Ravens' 53-man roster, but he doesn't have to worry about an outstanding debt to the NFL.

Carr was fined $15,750 by the league for hitting Lions quarterback Shaun Hill in the head-neck area on Aug. 17. A source told the AFC North blog that the fine money will be collected once the player is on a team's active roster. So, Carr, who was reportedly cut by the Ravens on Friday, is in the clear for now.

That also means Carr wouldn't make much for his first NFL game if he would ever make a team's 53-man roster (not practice squad). Based on the 2012 rookie salary of $390,000, Carr would make $22,941 before taxes for his first week. After taxes and the fine, Carr likely would not take anything home from his debut.

If this scenario played out this way for Carr, it would make a strong case for the NFL to change its fine system. The league should look into disciplining players based on a percentage of his salary, not exact dollar figures. Getting fined $15,000 is harsher for a player like Carr than it is for Ray Lewis, who is making $4.95 million this season.