Colts OK being hunter, not hunted

The Colts have no choice about outside opinion, and they have no control over the outside memories of last season.

They haven’t played a game that’s meant a thing yet under their new regime yet.

And so as they build toward Sunday’s opener in Chicago, they’re offering reminders that they are different. They are embracing a new role.

“I love where we sit,” coach Chuck Pagano told Indianapolis reporters.” For a long time, they’ve been, I guess the huntee if you will, around here. So I love where we’re sitting. Our players love where we’re sitting. Use it as motivation, I guess you can say we have and we’ve talked about it. These guys have got something to prove.

“Across the board, ever since this makeover, this extreme makeover has taken place, if you want to call it that, nobody has given us a chance. Power rankings had us at 32. Somebody else wrote that we would be 1-15. You can just go on down the line. We use it as motivation. I know they are. I know our coaching staff is. We’ve all got something to prove.”

Pagano’s clearly spoken about the concept with his team, as comments from cornerback Jerraud Powers and defensive lineman Cory Redding reflected the same theme.

“They’re basing (expectations) off last year’s record,” Redding said. “Basing it off last year’s team. That was last year. That’s in the past. We look forward to the future. We look forward to what we got going down the road. This (locker) room is electrified by who is in here, playmakers, veterans, the leadership and that’s what we are really, truly happy about. We are taking everything that we established this offseason into the game ready to go.”