NFL Power Rankings: Texans fifth

The first edition of ESPN's NFL Power Rankings since May are out, and we are here to share.

It was time to rotate the vote, so my ballot and that of James Walker have been shifted to Jamison Hensley (of the AFC North blog) and Dan Graziano (of the NFC East blog). The join Mike Sando, John Clayton and Ashley Fox as voters.

I will happily forward you avenues to them when they tick you off with their votes.

Here's how the AFC South fared. The Texans are fifth, not sixth, as I initially wrote. I'm no mathemagician:

Here's Sando's breakdown of the vote -- you can see who put your team where.

My thoughts: All are reasonable given where these teams left off and where they stand heading into their openers, I suppose. But the Colts aren't the worst team in the NFL with Andrew Luck at quarterback. And while the Jaguars may not deserve much more than 29th now, I expect them to make a bid for a spot in the high teens, at least.