Can Ravens rely on Bryant McKinnie?

Offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie has decided to restructure his contract and remain with the Ravens, according to ESPN NFL Insider John Clayton. If I were Joe Flacco, I wouldn't be real happy that McKinnie was protecting my blind side and no one can blame him.

Can the Ravens really rely on McKinnie to hold down one of the most important positions on the team? The Ravens apparently are ready to take that risk.

Earlier Tuesday, McKinnie posted on Twitter, "Decision is made! I'm gone!" Four hours later ... he's back. Maybe this bizarre turn of events wouldn't be another red flag if it was an isolated incident. But it's not.

It was a little more than a month ago when McKinnie failed to report to training camp on time because he fell at his South Florida home. He didn't call the Ravens about his absence. His chiropractor did. And let's not start on his weight issues.

The strange thing about McKinnie is you can depend on him to suit up. He's started 65 consecutive games, including playoffs. The last time he missed a game was the start of 2008. Whether he's effective is another question. Last season, he allowed 8.5 sacks and was penalized five times (four false starts and one holding).

Chalk this up to another failed attempt by the Ravens to replace Jonathan Ogden, who should go into the Hall of Fame next summer. Baltimore tried to replace him with Jared Gaither but coaches couldn't trust his work ethic (the Chargers are seeing that now). The Ravens hoped Michael Oher would develop into a solid left tackle, but that has yet to happen. If it did, the Ravens wouldn't have desperately signed McKinnie before the start of last season.

McKinnie's restructured deal doesn't add any years to his contract. It looks like McKinnie will be the Ravens' problem for only five more months.