Guess who the clutch QB was Wednesday

So a Twitter follower named Rob Brown, who operates a well-done blog called Cowboys vs. Redskins, offers this for our consideration with regard to Wednesday night's Dallas Cowboys victory over the New York Giants:

@RobBrown3: I think it's worth noting Romo was 6-6, 107-yrds & a touchdown in the 4th qrtr (one 16 yard pass was negated by a penalty)

Thanks, Rob. It is worth noting, and here's why: Because if Tony Romo had been 5-for-6, and if the one miss had been a third-down overthrow that might have been his fault or might have been the receiver's fault but we'll never know for sure because he's not going to blame the receiver, and if that had resulted in Eli Manning getting the ball back with time enough to tie the game, and if Manning had done that, and if the Cowboys had ended up losing ... well, you know we'd be talking about Romo blowing it in the fourth quarter again, now wouldn't we?

Romo was sensational on Wednesday night, completing 22-of-29 passes for 307 yards and three touchdowns. He made a bad decision in the second quarter that led to an interception by Michael Boley, but other than that one throw he was nearly flawless. He was the better quarterback in this game, better than the two-time Super Bowl MVP who beat him twice when it counted most late last season, and deserves credit for staying cool and using his feet to escape the pass rush, extend plays and find his receivers down the field in critical spots. It was not an easy night for Romo, as it never is against the Giants, but he kept his head about him and put up the sterling numbers anyway.

"We're judged by winning and losing, so the best thing is going out on the road and getting a win," Romo said. "And not only a win, but one against your division rival and obviously the world champs. We came out grinding and we won."

Romo gets more than his share of blame when things go wrong, but he's a better player and a more clutch performer than his reputation would have you believe. Wednesday night he was the picture of a clutch, winning quarterback and a team leader. Not that Manning was terrible in this game, but the better quarterback on the field, for this night at least, was wearing a star on his helmet. And that's a very good feeling for that quarterback, his team and their fans to savor after the way last season ended.