PetersonWatch: Officially questionable

We'll wrap up the NFC North's Friday injury report once we have all four news releases in our sweaty virtual palms, but for now let's bring everyone up to date on where the Minnesota Vikings stand with tailback Adrian Peterson.

As we suggested they might, the Vikings have listed Peterson as questionable on their injury report. Technically that means he has a 50-50 chance of playing, 260 days after he tore two knee ligaments. Coach Leslie Frazier repeated Friday that he won't make a decision -- or, at least, announce one -- until a few hours before Sunday's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Peterson has been practicing for a month without incident, at least as far as we're aware of, and by all accounts he performed well this week in practice. It's reasonable to guess that he will be available Sunday to play in a limited portion of the game, much in the way a team would approach the first preseason game for front-line players, but Frazier has offered no hints about that.

Whether or not Peterson is in uniform, it's expected that backup Toby Gerhart will get more snaps. We'll let you know if anything develops over the weekend.