Halftime: 49ers 16, Packers 7

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- A few thoughts at halftime, where a capacity crowd at Lambeau Field sits stunned by a two-score deficit:

  • San Francisco 49ers place-kicker David Akers just hit the most amazing field goal I've ever seen. It was a line-drive -- yes -- 63-yarder that bounced off the crossbar and through the uprights just before halftime. I'm in the press box at the top of the stadium, so I don't have a great angle, but it sure didn't look like the ball raised much above the height of the crossbar at any point in its trajectory.

  • For what it's worth, the feeling at halftime today isn't much different than halftime of the Packers' playoff loss to the New York Giants in January. You'll recall the Giants scored on a Hail Mary touchdown pass to receiver Hakeem Nicks just before halftime.

  • Why do the Packers only have one touchdown? For the most part, the 49ers' defense has proved itself to be every bit the sure-tackling and tight-covering group that it was last year. Sometimes you can blame poor execution on the part of the offense. In this case, I really think the 49ers are just sticking it to the Packers' offense.

  • The Packers are also failing to get much pressure on 49ers quarterback Alex Smith, who has completed 12 of 17 passes and has been sacked once. Part of the problem: The 49ers' base offense has kept the Packers in their base (run) defense much more than they normally play.

  • Replacement officials have made some nice calls, including a holding penalty on Packers safety Charles Woodson to give the 49ers a first down. But they have also missed at least two, and maybe three, false start penalties on 49ers left tackle Joe Staley. Overall, the Packers have nine penalties in the first half. The 49ers have four.

  • Unless I missed him, receiver Donald Driver hasn't played a snap in the first half. The Packers are using plenty of four-receiver sets, but Randall Cobb has been playing in that No. 4 role.