On sorting out McNair's death

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Nashville is still debating just how to come to terms with Steve McNair's death.

Liz Merrill did wonderful work on this piece, which covers the issue.

My thoughts on the subject: It's OK to have mixed emotions here, and to be completely of the opinion that the circumstances of his death should be set aside is as irrational as it is to focus on them exclusively.

Coming to terms with a murder doesn't lead everyone to rational thought, of course.

But I think it's fine to pay tribute to a good and likable football player who did a lot for his town while wondering about why he chose to be involved with a 20-year-old woman -- a decision for which he certainly didn't deserve to die.

The conversations inevitably include talk of glass houses, not judging others and how everyone makes mistakes.

I don't believe we judge McNair when we assess the situation that led to his murder; we are judging the circumstances, the evidence, the case.

We are simply trying to figure things out.

Salute the guy you cheered on Sundays. Question the circumstances of his tragic death. It does not have to be one or the other.