On the money: 49ers' top connection

Alex Smith has four touchdown passes through the San Francisco 49ers' first two games.

Three of them went to tight end Vernon Davis.

No surprise there.

Davis has caught 29 of Smith's 72 career scoring passes. The percentage (40.3) is the highest for any NFL tandem since 2001 (minimum 20 TD connections).

Thanks to Hank Gargiulo of ESPN Stats & Information for producing the list. And thanks to Vernon Davis for helping my Gridiron Challenge team stay competitive.

The list would look more impressive without Jay Fiedler and Derek Anderson inhabiting two of the top three spots. Raising the cutoff to 25 would have eliminated them, but it also would have knocked off Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson.

Smith and Davis could still be ascending as they visit Minnesota in Week 3.

The Vikings have given up four touchdown passes this season, two to tight ends. Jacksonville's Marcedes Lewis had five receptions for 52 yards and a touchdown on five targets against them in Week 1.

2001-Present QBs: Highest Pct. TDs to One Target (min. 20 TD connections)