Jets won't survive losing Darrelle Revis

New York Jets Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis tore his ACL and is expected to be out for the year, according to head coach Rex Ryan. This is a deathblow for the Jets, who will not be able to recover from this loss.

The Jets' goal is to make a playoff run and win a Super Bowl. They won't do either without Revis. He is by far the Jets' best and most important player. New York's entire defensive scheme is based on Revis shutting down half the field. Now, the entire field opens up for opponents. We saw that in New York's Week 2 loss against Pittsburgh and in the second half Sunday against Miami.

The Jets were not a consistent team even with Revis. They certainly will not be consistent without him. Losing Revis changes the entire composition of the Jets. He impacts every area of the team, including its sputtering offense, which now needs to score more points.

"Is it a major blow when you lose a great player like Darrelle Revis? Of course, absolutely it is," Ryan said at his Monday news conference. "But, this is a football team."

Ryan tried to put a good spin on the situation. He talked about the Jets banding together as one and how everyone needs to step up.

But New York is an older team with a lot of holes. The Jets do not have another gear. The running game is mediocre, the passing game is inconsistent and the run defense hasn't been up to par. The one thing the Jets could count on was their secondary. But Revis' injury creates the newest hole in what is now a fast sinking ship.

Antonio Cromartie will be the No. 1 cornerback and Kyle Wilson will be in the starting lineup. It's a decent tandem but no longer elite. New York's safeties -- LaRon Landry and Yeremiah Bell -- are big hitters but can be exposed in coverage. Teams will be able to pass against the Jets for big gains.

The Jets are in first place in the AFC East, but it won't be for long. New York plays San Francisco and Houston in back-to-back weeks without its best player. A 2-1 record can quickly turn to 2-3. The Jets also play the Patriots on Oct. 21.

It's a shame one injury can ruin an entire season, but that is the situation the Jets are in without Revis.

New York will miss the playoffs for the second straight season after losing its best player.