Someone taunts Torrey Smith on Twitter

No NFL player knows how to use Twitter as well as Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith. He talked to the Ravens rookie class this year about the right way to use Twitter and touched on social media when he spoke at the NFL Rookie Symposium.

Not everyone uses Twitter in a positive way like Smith, and that became apparent Sunday night. Shortly after Smith's moving performance, someone had the audacity to taunt Smith on social media about the loss of his brother Tevin:

"Hey, Smith, how about you call your bro and tell him about your wi--- ohhhh. Wait. #TooSoon?"

I'm all for free speech, but you have to be held accountable for what you say. Joking about someone's brother dying is not funny. It's disgraceful.

Who could write something this vicious? The Twitter handle, which has since been removed, belongs to a Baltimore resident and a senior administrative coordinator at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. This is someone who should know better.

“Our deepest sympathies are with Torrey Smith and his family," Dennis O'Shea, a spokesman for Johns Hopkins, told The Baltimore Sun. "The social media comment that made light of the Smith family’s loss represented the thoughts of one individual. It does not in any way represent the Johns Hopkins community."

The spokesman declined to say whether the person would face disciplinary action.

Ravens running back Ray Rice responded to the callous tweet: "smh u are terrible I hope you know the word karma"

Smith has received many tweets of support including one from a player on the Ravens' biggest rival, Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley.

Smith used Twitter to thank fans for the outpouring of support he has received:

Smith also tweeted that a scholarship has been established in his brother's name. I know there is someone in Baltimore who should be the first to make a contribution.