NFL Power Rankings: AFC North reaction

The AFC North is spread throughout the Week 4 power rankings. There's one team near the top (Ravens), two teams in the middle (Bengals, Steelers) and one at the very bottom (Browns).

Here's the bad news in the power rankings: the Steelers suffered the biggest fall of any team (seven spots) and the only team that was ranked the same by all five voters was Cleveland at No. 32.

Here's how the AFC North teams fared in the Week 4 power rankings:


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 3

My ranking: No. 4

2012 record: 2-1

Comment: The Ravens jumped up three spots with their win over the Patriots. My colleagues put the Ravens higher than I did. The two unbeaten teams, Falcons and Texans, are obviously atop the rankings. I placed the 49ers above the Ravens based on the strength of winning at Green Bay.


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 15

My ranking: No. 14

2012 record: 2-1

Comment: The Bengals inched up one spot after their win at Washington. An argument could be made that Bengals should be higher than the three 1-2 teams ahead of them (Packers, Patriots and Broncos). But Cincinnati's résumé of wins -- Cleveland and Washington -- isn't overly impressive.


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 16

My ranking: No. 16

2012 record: 1-2

Comment: As I mentioned at the top, the Steelers dropped seven spots after a three-point loss at Oakland. This was the logical spot. In my rankings, I had the Steelers one spot behind the Broncos (who beat the Steelers) and one spot ahead of the Jets (who lost to Pittsburgh).


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 32

My ranking: No. 32

2012 record: 0-3

Comment: I was the only voter who didn't have the Browns in the bottom spot last week. After their loss to the Bills at home, I couldn't defend them any longer. Cleveland is one of two winless teams, and I put the Saints at No. 31.

Here's my rankings:

1. Falcons

2. Texans

3. 49ers

4. Ravens

5. Giants

6. Cardinals

7. Eagles

8. Packers

9. Cowboys

10. Bears

11. Chargers

12. Seahawks

13. Patriots

14. Bengals

15. Broncos

16. Steelers

17. Jets

18. Bills

19. Vikings

20. Buccaneers

21. Titans

22. Lions

23. Rams

24. Panthers

25. Jaguars

26. Colts

27. Vikings

28. Raiders

29. Redskins

30. Chiefs

31. Saints

32. Browns