17 minutes with unapologetic Pete Carroll

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll laughed and said he could "care less" about contentions his team stole a victory through poor officiating Monday night.

What he said and how he said it won't sit well with Green Bay Packers fans. But there was so much more to his interview with 710ESPN Seattle than the continuing fallout from Golden Tate's disputed winning touchdown catch against the Packers. Among the highlights:

  • Decisive play: Carroll said Packers defensive back M.D. Jennings had the advantage over Tate when both players were in the air, but that Tate also had the ball when they landed. "It was simultaneous when they got to the ground," he said. Carroll acknowledged that officials missed clear interference by Tate, but he said regular officials miss those calls as well.

  • Offensive plan: Carroll said he's the one deserving criticism for the Seahawks' weak offensive output. He's insisting upon a conservative approach to avoid turnovers and he would be taking that approach even if Matt Flynn, not rookie Russell Wilson, were the quarterback. Carroll: "Remember, we did not turn the ball over again, and that was the best defense in the NFL taking the ball off of teams last year. ... In the meantime, we're raising a quarterback in the system. We are solid enough as a team to play like this at quarterback right now. It is a struggle for some people to understand that, but we're going to keep moving along and growing and there will be a time when it won't feel exactly like it feels right now. But it's not time." This confirms impressions from Week 1. Seattle's excitement for Wilson was longer term than it appeared during preseason.

  • Defensive plan: Carroll said Seattle was better than anyone at limiting explosive plays for Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. They key, he said, was keeping close watch on Rodgers' movements to prevent him from making plays on the move.

  • Respect for Arizona: Carroll expressed frustration over Seattle's opening-week defeat at Arizona, but he offered grudging praise for the Seahawks' division rival.

One thing about Carroll: He's comfortable with himself and comfortable admitting the truth about his own team. I thought that came through in his comments about the offense. Those comments could have been measured to protect Wilson, but they also match up with what we've seen on the field since Week 1.