Mundy should feel lucky he only got fined

In the same week in which one player got suspended for a helmet-to-helmet hit, Steelers safety Ryan Mundy should breathe a sigh of relief that he only received a hefty fine.

The crown of Mundy's helmet nailed Darrius Heyward-Bey in the chin and twisted the Raiders wide receiver's neck, which rendered him unconscious in the end zone. Mundy somehow didn't get a penalty from the replacement officials for that frightening blow.

A helmet-to-helmet hit draws the automatic $21,000 fine. Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons received the same fine for his collision with Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. But Mundy's hit was more violent and resulted in Heyward-Bey getting carried off on a stretcher.

Mundy said after the game that he didn't intentionally try to injure Heyward-Bey.

“I didn’t go in there trying to hit him with my helmet,” Mundy said. ”Things like that happen so fast. He may have come down to the level of my helmet."

On Tuesday, the NFL suspended Broncos linebacker Joe Mays for one game and suspended him $50,000. I'm not saying Mundy's hit was similar to that one. Mays' hit dislodged the helmet of Texans quarterback Matt Schaub and took off a piece of his ear. But the league is obviously stressing its message when it comes to player safety and that's why Mundy should feel lucky that only 20 percent of his weekly paycheck was taken away.