Add Mike Tice to Jay Cutler's resume

There's nothing I can do here. Some of you will think I'm being too easy on Jay Cutler. Others will consider this a manufactured post. That's how it goes with a player and personality was polarizing as the Chicago Bears quarterback.

The Bears took a 10-7 lead over the Dallas Cowboys into halftime on "Monday Night Football," but perhaps the most memorable moment of the first half occurred on the Bears' sideline. After a second-series in which Cutler called a timeout because the play clock was winding down, offensive coordinator Mike Tice approached him to talk.

Cutler kept walking past him and sat down on the Bears' bench. Tice sat down next to him, and Cutler immediately popped up and walked away again. ESPN announcer Mike Tirico suggested Cutler might have been upset because Tice's play-calls were coming in too slowly.

Check out the video for yourself via NFL.com.

Like it or not, Cutler doesn't get much benefit of the doubt when it comes to his sideline deportment. Two weeks ago, he was screaming at and shoving left tackle J'Marcus Webb. Monday night, he was at least ignoring his offensive coordinator and at worst showing him up.

With all that said, Cutler had a smart and risk-free first half and has opened the second half with a drive that ended with a 34-yard touchdown pass to Devin Hester, increasing the lead to 17-7. But trust me when I tell you I'm not the only person who thought Cutler could have acted more professionally in that instance. Here's what former Bears tight end Desmond Clark tweeted: "Jay has to stop with his antics. Leadership leadership leadership leadership."