NFL Power Rankings: AFC North reaction

You always hear that change is good. If that's the case, this has been a bad week for the AFC North in the Week 5 Power Rankings. That's because almost nothing has changed for the division.

The Ravens (No. 3), Steelers (No. 16) and Browns (No. 32) all remained in the same spot as last week. The only difference for the AFC North was the Cincinnati Bengals, who moved up three spots to No.12.

Here's a recap:


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 3

My ranking: No. 4

2012 record: 3-1

Comment: I'm only one of two voters who don't have the Ravens at No. 3. I have the 49ers above the Ravens. But I do have the Ravens ranked higher on my poll than NFC East blogger Dan Graziano, who has Baltimore at No. 5. The Ravens are one of two 3-1 teams (49ers being the other) ranked higher than undefeated Arizona.


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 12

My ranking: No. 12

2012 record: 3-1

Comment: The Bengals still don't get much respect even with a 3-1 record. There are three 2-2 teams ahead of them: Patriots, Giants and Packers. What hurts the Bengals is the lack of a signature win. Cincinnati has defeated the Browns, Redskins and Jaguars. Two of those have come on the road.


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 16

My ranking: No. 16

2012 record: 1-2

Comment: No movement on the bye week, which should be expected. The Steelers could make a big move up with a win Sunday over the No. 7 Eagles. It didn't help the Steelers that the Raiders got roughed up by the Broncos just one week after they upset Pittsburgh.


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 32

My ranking: No. 32

2012 record: 0-4

Comment: This is the Browns' third straight week at the bottom of the Power Rankings. It's unlikely they'll get out of the basement next week. Cleveland plays at the defending Super Bowl champion Giants on Sunday.

Here are my rankings:

1. Falcons

2. Texans

3. 49ers

4. Ravens

5. Cardinals

6. Eagles

7. Packers

8. Bears

9. Giants

10. Patriots

11. Chargers

12. Bengals

13. Vikings

14. Broncos

15. Cowboys

16. Steelers

17. Rams

18. Seahawks

19. Redskins

20. Buccaneers

21. Jets

22. Bills

23. Titans

24. Panthers

25. Lions

26. Colts

27. Dolphins

28. Jaguars

29. Raiders

30. Chiefs

31. Saints

32. Browns