Bayless: Tebow can lead Jets to playoffs

In my opinion, the New York Jets' 2012 season is over. They don't have enough depth to recover from the losses of Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis and No. 1 receiver Santonio Holmes.

New York can be competitive if the team plays consistent. But any goals of winning 10 games and making the playoffs in the AFC were over when Revis and Holmes went down for the year.

ESPN's Skip Bayless disagrees. According to Bayless, the Jets can make the playoffs if they do one thing: start backup quarterback Tim Tebow.

It's that easy for New York.

"Tebow is a momentum playmaker who can be extremely difficult to defend if unleashed in an up-tempo shotgun spread with Greene lined up just to his right. He must be allowed to play fast on instinct and emotion. He's an underrated athlete and deep thrower. Even without Revis and Santonio Holmes, he can save the Jets' season. Tebow's mere intangible presence has turned a starter with shaky intangibles, Mark Sanchez, into a brain-locked basket case. If Tebow history does repeat itself and Sanchez does turn into Kyle Orton and Rex finally does give up and give in to Tebow and No. 15 does get his first start next Sunday against Indianapolis, I'll predict Tebow goes 7-4 the rest of the way and the Jets squeeze into the playoffs. Take it from the Lone Objective Tebow Defender: Never bet against him."

Bayless is not shy about his unabashed support of Tebow. No one in the media has driven the Tebow bandwagon more than Bayless for the past year.

But is Bayless correct? Are the Jets merely a quarterback change away from making the playoffs?

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