Ryan trying to whip himself into shape, too

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham
CORTLAND, N.Y. -- As a steady rain drenched the first session of New York Jets training camp Friday morning, plenty of it fell on Rex Ryan.

There was a lot of surface area to hit.

"Nice little rain out there," Ryan said after his first practice as head coach. "Like I told the players, it never rains on a football player. I was soaked.

"But rain doesn't really affect them. You get out there, and you're just playing football and enjoying playing."

Ryan won't be the only one trying to get into shape. The rotund coach symbolically started a diet Friday.

"It is my first day on a diet," Ryan said with a grin. "So we'll see how long that gets. If you guys want to have a bet with each other ... It's all liquid or something like that for five days.

"I did have orange [juice], lemons and all that stuff squeezed in there. It was a great breakfast. Looking forward to the vegetable thing that they got for me today."

Ryan muttered he weighs 340 pounds. He said he weighed between 300 to 310 pounds last year as defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens.

"I finally hit that spot I was looking for," Ryan said. "I hope I can go back down the other direction.

"It was a good summer. It really was. ... You know, the move and all that. There's so many Italian restaurants around [New York]."