Day 1 in the books for Minnesota

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
MANKATO, Minn. -- Some notes and observations after Minnesota's first set of two-a-day practices:

  • Owner Zygi Wilf joined coach Brad Childress in saying the team won't revisit the possibility of signing Hewhoshallnotbenamed if the legendary waffler changes his mind about playing this season. "No, no," Wilf said. He added: "We realize, like he did, that when training camp came around that it was in or out and we're very happy with what we have here."

  • After much offseason hoopla about his weight, tailback Adrian Peterson said he reported at 220 pounds. That's three pounds over his listed weight from last year, but trust me when I tell you he doesn't look fat. Peterson said in February that he wanted to weigh 230 pounds when the season began. "One thing I learned is not to talk about my weight. It's something that you'll hear about all summer. ... I feel like [220] is a pretty good weight if I can stay 220, in that range. I'm feeling good. I'm not feeling too heavy. I put on some good weight in the offseason."

  • Rookie Phil Loadholt worked exclusively as the first-team right tackle throughout the day, while Ryan Cook split time between right tackle and center on the second team. Coach Brad Childress termed right tackle a "competition," but it seems pretty obvious who the prohibitive favorite is.

  • The Vikings spent 25 minutes at the start of each practice working on special teams. That scheduling was notable coming after a season in which the Vikings gave up seven special teams touchdowns. It's not an unusual amount of time to spend on special teams, but its placement at the beginning of practice was symbolic -- at least to me.

Check back in a bit for a look at the day's happenings in the NFC North.