Next step requires offensive improvement

Road Dog observes via Twitter that the Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams have each scored 110 points through Week 6.

2011 Teams Scoring Less Than 19 PPG

This oddity led me to wonder how well teams have done when averaging what works out to 18.3 points per game.

The first chart shows seven teams scoring fewer than 19 points per game last season. Those seven teams posted a combined 29-83 record. None finished better than 7-9. Six failed to win more than five games in a season.

These were bad, bad teams.

Arizona and Seattle are each 4-2 through six games this season. St. Louis is 3-3.

2012 Teams Scoring Less Than 19 PPG

All four NFC West teams rank among the NFL's top five in points allowed per game.

Strong defense is allowing these three NFC West teams to enjoy relative success despite limited scoring on offense.

We've seen these teams play close games that could have gone either way at the end.

How well these teams perform in the end could hinge on how much their offenses improve as the season progresses. Seattle and St. Louis have shown signs of improvement on that side of the ball. Arizona is dealing with a long list of injuries on offense, affecting their prospects.

The second chart shows nine teams averaging fewer than 19 points per game this season. Four are .500 or better.