Mario Williams blames wrist for 'hesitation'

Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams, who signed $100 million contract, is playing timid and has disappeared in several games already this season.

The reason? According to Williams, his wrist injury is a big factor.

“I’ve got a lot of hesitation,” Williams told the Buffalo News. “It’s on me. That’s fine. I know I gotta change that. Believe me, I don’t need anybody to tell me that. I look at it just how everybody else does.”

This is the second time Williams has blamed his wrist for poor play, and it’s not a good look if you’re the team’s highest-paid player.

If Williams is truly injured, it’s time to sit and let someone else play. This version of Williams is not making the Bills better. Buffalo is last against the run and Williams hasn’t provided a consistent pass rush.

But if Williams if healthy enough to play, he can no longer blame the wrist when things go wrong. Bills fans no longer want to hear excuses from their star player.

We will say it again: Williams needs to let his play do the talking.