How you feeling? Giants-Cowboys

As the New York Giants prepare to play the Dallas Cowboys at 4:25 p.m. ET (3:25 p.m. CT) today at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, here's one reason for Giants fans to feel good and one reason for Cowboys fans to feel good.

Giants feeling good: Things are in better shape for the defending Super Bowl champions than they were when the Cowboys beat them in their building in Week 1. Cornerback Prince Amukamara has settled the secondary, making it less likely that someone like Kevin Ogletree could have another monster game against them. The Giants have found something in the running game, and whether it's Ahmad Bradshaw, Andre Brown or David Wilson running the ball they should be able to demonstrate more balance on offense than they did in early September. On the flip side, Dallas is much more banged-up than it was that night, with star linebacker Sean Lee and starting running back DeMarco Murray out due to injuries. The Giants have gone 5-1 since that game, and the Cowboys have gone 2-3, and the reversal of fortunes are representative of the way things stand with each team right now.

Cowboys feeling good: The fact of the Week 1 victory should help the Cowboys' confidence that they can confuse Giants quarterback Eli Manning with their coverages on defense, and on offense their receivers should be able to win their matchups in the Giants' secondary. The Giants have played well on defense, but as the Redskins showed last week, you can have success against them if your quarterback can stay agile enough to avoid the pass rush and lengthen the play. Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is a master of doing just that, and he has a strong record of doing it against the Giants in particular.