Potential NFL trades may have to wait

We’ve done a fair amount of speculating about potential trades in recent days because the NFL’s deadline for trades was scheduled to come at 1 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

Well, if there was a flurry of activity coming in the NFC South, I don’t think Tuesday will be the day. The NFL has just announced the trade deadline has been pushed back 48 hours because of Hurricane Sandy. The NFL office is closed through at least Tuesday due to the storm.

It’s still possible a trade could be agreed to on Monday or Tuesday, but it’s now much more likely that Wednesday or Thursday will be the days we might see some activity. Teams usually like to wait until as close to the deadline as possible, just in case price tags rise at the last minute.

A trio of underused NFC South running backs have been mentioned in speculative reports about possible trades. It’s somewhat logical to speculate that Carolina’s DeAngelo Williams, Tampa Bay’s LeGarrette Blount and New Orleans’ Chris Ivory could be available at the right price.

Williams, Blount and Ivory all have talent that could make them attractive to other teams, if the price is right. But I suspect other teams might be hesitant to take on Williams’ contract. Blount and Ivory could bring a late-round draft pick in return, but the Bucs and Saints might not want to part with running back depth unless they can get a little more in return.