Lions QB Matthew Stafford on third down

The Detroit Lions converted a stunning 12 of their 16 third-down opportunities in last Sunday's victory over the Seattle Seahawks. Of that total, 11 came on passes from Matthew Stafford, who had one of the best days a quarterback can have in such situations.

The chart, part of a post my NFC West colleague Mike Sando put together earlier this week, shows that Stafford completed 14 of the 15 passes he threw on third down against the Seahawks for a Total Quarterback Rating of 99.9. (Remember, QBR is a scale of 0-100, with 50 being average). You can see the rest of Stafford's third-down performance this season, broken down per game, in the chart as well.

Theoretically, a 72.0 QBR on third down means Stafford has been much better than average in those situations. It plays into the "clutch" theme we've spent some time on over the past few weeks as well.

2012 Matthew Stafford on Third Down by Opponent