On Crumpler's weight, Titans' first half

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
As far as Twitter talk, Alge Crumpler's size quickly overtook A.J. Trapasso's marvelous fake punt touchdown run as the biggest Titans' topic of the first half of the Hall of Fame Game.

In his first season with the Titans, Crumpler brought the leadership the team was hoping for. He also willingly became more of a blocker than he ever was in Atlanta -- and that's what the Titans found they needed from him.

I discussed that, and his weight -- which was clearly up during OTAs - with him back in May.

An except from that blog entry:

As for the weight: Crumpler said if he was working as more of a pass catcher, he'd be 10 or 15 pounds lighter.

"But if I'm going to have to control that line of scrimmage, then I have to stay where I'm at," he said.

Which is where?

"You'll never get that out of me," he said.

Gigantic or not, Crumpler caught the ball well and moved OK. It's hard to imagine him ranking as a pass target very often ahead of Bo Scaife or rookie Jared Cook, sure to get some chances in the second half, once the season starts.

Two other thoughts:

On Trapasso's play: Jeff Fisher likes a nice special team fake and on a night when Craig Hentrich didn't dress, the coach clearly relished the opportunity to give an Ohio guy who played at Ohio State a big moment on a national TV stage.

Vince Young probably got undercut by a botched route on his first pass, a pick that wasn't a good throw no matter where his targets were supposed to be. He bounced back to throw a great ball on Paul Williams' touchdown catch. Nice concentration and footwork by Williams, who's overdue to show us something.