In an hour, four games at once

Four different AFC South games will kick off simultaneously in an hour, all at home.

I’m here to tell you I am not superhuman and won’t be able to watch all four.

So I am in Nashville for Bears-Titans and will be monitoring Dolphins-Colts, Bills-Texans and Lions-Jaguars from afar.

We won’t attempt to keep it a secret that there is a lot I won’t see.

The Colts’ game has turned out to be the biggest of the day, and that’s the one I’ll have on DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket app on my iPad.

I invite you to fill me in on any nuance beyond the highlights from the Colts, Texans and Jaguars games -- Twitter is the best avenue.

You can follow and tell me what you think I need to be especially aware of right here.