NFL Power Rankings: Colts rise again

The Colts moved up eight spots in ESPN.com’s NFL Power Rankings a week ago after a nice overtime victory in Nashville. They moved up another four this week after taking down the Dolphins.

The 12-spot rise in two weeks has the Colts sitting at 11th. They were 32nd the first two weeks of the season.

"The Colts have jumped from 24th to 15th to 12th on my ballot over the past three weeks," Power Rankings voter Mike Sando of the NFC West blog said. "Our Total QBR metrics have been telling us for weeks that Andrew Luck was doing more to help his team win than Robert Griffin III was doing. Now we're seeing that in the standings. I might have underestimated the rest of the Colts' roster or at least the effects a top quarterback can have on the players around him. It's looking conservatively like the Colts can get to 8-8. Good for them."

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