Three and Out: Cardinals

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Three quick hits on the Arizona Cardinals:

Beanie watch: I figured Beanie Wells would be making a strong push to be the Cardinals' running back of the present, not just future, by this point in training camp. Instead, colleague Kevin Seifert is looking smart for saying the Vikings' Percy Harvin would outshine Wells as a top rookie performer this season. While Harvin is making big plays in Vikings camp, Wells is recovering from the sprained ankle he suffered during his first training camp practice. Wells' only competition for the job, Tim Hightower, reported to camp highly motivated. Wells still has time to make his move, but this has to be a discouraging start for him. Arizona could use him to establish the play-action game that worked so well in the playoffs.

Happy campers: The Cardinals proved last season they could overcome Anquan Boldin's contract complaints and whatever other potential distractions came their way. Those were non-stories last season and they appear even less relevant now. Boldin and Darnell Dockett have set aside contract concerns and publicly dedicated themselves to football. What a concept.

Defensive pressure: The spotlight shines on new defensive coordinator Bill Davis as the Cardinals favor more of a 3-4 identity. Dockett's role appears pivotal. His ability to get upfield and disrupt plays makes him a classic 4-3 defensive tackle. He doesn't appear to fit naturally into a traditional 3-4 favoring containment-oriented defensive ends. Davis says he has big plans for Dockett. That suggests the Cardinals will remain flexible on defense, even if coaches would prefer a traditional 3-4 in theory.