Steve Johnson: Patriots better than Texans

Buffalo Bills receiver Steve Johnson is not a scout. But he is a pretty good football player who faced the New England Patriots (5-3) and Houston Texans (7-1) this season.

The Texans and Patriots are among the top teams in the AFC. But after playing both teams, Johnson said on a conference call with the Boston media that he has a clear idea who is better.

"I am just going to have to say the Patriots because the first quarter (against the Texans) I was feeling pretty good about it from my perspective," Johnson said. "I was feeling pretty good about it and then I ended up getting the thigh injury and I really could not do too much. I played the game against the Patriots with pretty much no injury and they still put a whooping on us. So I am going to give the nod to the New England Patriots."

The AFC is wide open this season. The Texans, Patriots, Baltimore Ravens (6-2), Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3) and Denver Broncos (5-3) all can make a claim to be the best team in the conference.

The good news for the Patriots and Texans is that they can settle this on the field. New England will host Houston on "Monday Night Football" on December 10. Next month we will get to see if Johnson's analysis is correct.