Is Jets QB Tim Tebow really that bad?

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan emphatically stood behind quarterback Mark Sanchez after their 28-7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Sanchez completed just nine passes and threw for 124 yards and an interception.

The Jets’ offense scored zero points with Sanchez under center and had just 11 first downs. New York’s defense scored the team’s only touchdown.

Still, Ryan immediately gave Sanchez a vote of confidence to remain the starter.

“I’m not going to let anyone else convince me otherwise, because this is how I feel,” Ryan said after the game. “[Sanchez] gives us the best opportunity to win games and that’s the only reason I make any moves.”

Is Tim Tebow really that bad?

Based on Ryan’s comments, inserting Tebow would make the offense even worse than with Sanchez. If Sanchez still provides New York the best chance to win, then Tebow must really look horrible in practice.

Only Ryan and his coaching staff know exactly what they have in Tebow. It’s clear they think Sanchez is better than Tebow, despite the fact Sanchez is regressing mightily in his fourth season.

If Tebow can’t outperform what Sanchez is currently doing, then New York wasted its time and resources acquiring Tebow.