Reid: Majority of Eagles fans will support Vick

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

PHILADELPHIA -- Andy Reid, Michael Vick and Tony Dungy presented a unified front Friday in saying the quarterback deserved a second chance. They weren't specific about Vick's role in the offense, but the former Falcons quarterback did say he was ready to start practicing.

Owner Jeffrey Lurie took a completely different approach. The self-professed dog lover used words such as "horrendous" to describe Vick's involvement in dogfighting. He said he needed to see "self-hatred" when he met with Vick. He indicated that Vick would be released if he's not "proactive" off the field. Lurie's been an owner who stays out of the way and trusts Reid with football decisions. But in this case, he needed to meet with Vick in person.

Reid said he thought the "majority" of Eagles fans would eventually support the decision. But based on what I heard on talk radio this morning, it might take awhile.

Tony Dungy is now spending some extra time with the media. I'll have a column on the entire event later this afternoon.

Today's news conference was just the first of what will be a series of flashpoints. Vick's first practice and first game will be huge events. Judging by Reid's comments today, I'm not sure he realizes what is about to take place. The most polarizing player in the league is now playing in a city that is notoriously tough on its stars. Vick's presence will change the dynamic of how this team is covered. Maybe that will have some sort of unifying effect, but right now I have my doubts.