Bills still talking about Brandon Spikes

Tashard Choice isn't the only Buffalo Bills player who doesn't like the New England Patriots' Brandon Spikes. Buffalo No. 1 receiver Steve Johnson and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick also are laying the verbal smackdown on the hard-hitting linebacker.

Spikes became a villain in Buffalo's locker room after knocking out Bills tailback Fred Jackson (concussion) and flexing his muscles afterwards. Fitzpatrick, who is usually mild-mannered, called Spikes a “punk” after the game. But Johnson had a slightly different take.

"If the guy was on our team then we’d be happy to have him on our team,” Johnson told the NFL Network Tuesday. "Since he’s not, we don’t like anybody. ... I really don’t have no bad words for the dude. We’re in different jerseys so that’s not my friend."

The Bills are spending a lot of time talking about New England, but they must quickly turn the page. Buffalo (3-6) has a Thursday game against the Miami Dolphins (4-5).