Despite denials, Tim Dobbins fined $30,000

Tim Dobbins didn’t expect the shot that left Jay Cutler with a concussion Sunday night to result in a fine.

But Adam Schefter has a source who says Dobbins is being fined $30,000 for the blow, ruled a hit above the shoulders by referee Gene Steratore at Soldier Field.

Dobbins is the replacement for Brian Cushing in the Texans lineup since Cushing went down with a torn ACL suffered Oct. 8.

After the game against the Bears, he ridiculously denied hitting Cutler in the head though replays showed he banged his helmet into the quarterback’s chin. Dobbins told me he hit Cutler in the chest.

I asked if he feared he’d get fined: “I don’t think so and I hope not. I felt like it was on time.”

Did he hit him in the chin? The head? “I hit him in his chest. I did not hit him in his head.”

I cringed as he said it, because I was picturing a replay of the hit paired with that audio -- which producers should be working on now if they weren’t before.