DeAngelo Hall fined, not suspended

It will cost Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall $30,000 that he excoriated an NFL official during a game against the Steelers last month and got ejected. Hall will not be suspended for his actions, merely deprived the chance to pay cash for a new Honda minivan.

Playing without Hall for a game or two might have been tough for the Redskins since they're short on bodies in the secondary, but Hall has not been a huge help in coverage this season, and in the wake of that incident there was much discussion about whether he would still be on the team next season. That remains to be seen, and could depend on finances and the quality of other available options. But in the meantime, Hall will play on, with the NFL hoping that taking $30,000 from him will discourage him from lighting up officials because someone on the other team threw a dirty block that wasn't called.

I'm a little surprised he wasn't suspended, and it makes me wonder whether what Hall said in the wake of the incident about the official having given as good as he got had merit. I wonder if the NFL would make public any discipline or censure of an official for inappropriate behavior toward a player in that kind of situation, or if the league would stand behind its officials by keeping that kind of thing in-house.