McCoy concussion latest blow to Eagles

LANDOVER, Md. -- In the final minutes of a lopsided loss to the Washington Redskins, with the Philadelphia Eagles trailing by 25 points, running back LeSean McCoy suffered a concussion. There was no immediate word on the long-term implications for McCoy, because NFL rules will require him to pass a variety of tests in the coming days before he can return to the practice field or be cleared to play in the Eagles' next game. It's entirely possible that the Eagles could be without their best player when they try to break their six-game losing streak next Monday night against the Carolina Panthers

Lots of discussion already, and I expect more Monday in Philadelphia, about why McCoy was even in a game as lopsided as this one at that time. But to me that feels like a second-guess. Andy Reid's explanation that they were trying to come back and win the game is ridiculous, of course, and more evidence that he cares nothing about insulting the intelligence of the people whose job it is to ask him postgame questions. The fact is no one would have thought anything of McCoy still being in the game at that time had he not gotten injured.

No, I think you just heap this right on top of the pile of inexplicable misery that the Eagles' 2012 season has become. Nothing has gone right since September, and the fact that starting quarterback Michael Vick and now McCoy have left the last two games with concussions is the kind of thing that just sort of fits into the what-else-can-go-wrong malaise into which they have sunk. If they lose next Monday, they'll have the worst record in the NFC. If the draft were held today, the Eagles would be picking either fifth or sixth. Their season is an unmitigated dumpster fire that shows no signs of getting any better anytime soon, and having to play without McCoy (who was their leading rusher and receiver Sunday) would make it nearly impossible to pull out of their current tailspin.