Numbers games: Rams roster in perspective

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Rams' roster requires additional study after a thorough house-cleaning this offseason. With so many new faces, I feel less familiar with the Rams than with the other teams in the division. This initial look at the roster will hopefully help bring some focus.

Donnie Avery's injury and overall health concerns at receiver could influence how many players the Rams carry into the season at the position.

Marc Bulger's broken pinky shouldn't affect the roster as long as he recovers on schedule. Teams must reduce to 75 players by Sept. 1 and 53 players by Sept. 5. Those initial 53-man rosters sometimes change by Week 1 kickoffs. For that reason, I've been focusing on Week 1 rosters when setting baseline expectations for each position.

The chart provides a framework for how many players the Rams might keep at each position heading into the regular-season opener against the Seahawks.

Here's a quick look at which Rams players I might keep on the cutdown to 53 players:


  • Projected keepers (3) -- Bulger, Kyle Boller, Keith Null

  • Projected to miss cut (1) -- Brock Berlin

  • Key issue -- Boller's extensive starting experience makes it easier for the Rams to carry a rookie quarterback on the 53-man roster. Berlin appears determined to tough it out after suffering a sprained MCL. He knows a roster spot is not assured.

Running backs


Tight ends

Offensive line

Defensive line


Defensive backs