Power Rankings: Eagles keep sinking

So the new Power Rankings are up. Here's a look at where our division's teams placed in this week's poll.

9. New York Giants (Last week: 10). Not bad, moving up a spot on a week in which you don't play. The Steelers appear to be the team that helped out by slipping behind them. I kept them at No. 8, where I had them last week. John Clayton's the highest on the Giants, ranking them sixth. Mike Sando's got them at No. 14.

16. Dallas Cowboys (15). An even tougher trick: Moving down a spot after winning your game. The Cowboys' win certainly wasn't impressive, needing overtime to take out the 30th-ranked Browns. And it's the resurgent Saints who have moved ahead of them in the rankings and pushed them down a spot. I kept the Cowboys at 15, same as last week. Clayton has them at 15, too. Jamison Hensley's No. 17 ranking is the Cowboys' lowest. Lots of agreement on the Cowboys.

18. Washington Redskins (21). A big victory over the reeling Eagles means a nice push up the rankings for Robert Griffin III and the Redskins, who likely get a chance to move up even further if they can beat the Cowboys on Thursday in Texas. I moved them up from 18 to 17 in my own rankings, and that's the highest anybody has them ranked. The lowest is Clayton, who has the Redskins at No. 20.

27. Philadelphia Eagles (24). Can't go a whole lot lower, though they're trying. A loss Monday to No. 29 Carolina could drop the Eagles into that range at which your ranking starts with a "3," and that ain't good. I dropped them from 23 to 25 in my poll. Every other voter has them 27th. Guess I was working off a higher starting point, but again, there isn't much room underneath the Eagles at this point for further disagreement.

Your thoughts?