Blogger Blitz: Fans should cheer Palmer

Former Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer probably knows he'll hear boos when he steps foot in Paul Brown Stadium Sunday, his first trip there since demanding a trade from the team. But click on the video above to hear why Bengals fans should cheer the Raiders quarterback.

Head coach Marvin Lewis has tried to downplay the matchup with Palmer, even though this will be a major storyline this week.

"[He's] just like any other player who was here,” Lewis said. “Now he's not here, so our job is to beat the Oakland Raiders and Carson Palmer come Sunday. He no longer plays here, so I think we no longer need to spend any time speaking about it.”

Lewis pointed out in a meeting that 28 players currently on the Bengals' 53-man roster never played with Palmer, and that includes quarterback Andy Dalton.

“The only time that Carson was brought up was when y’all were bringing it up,” Dalton said. “It wasn’t really talked about in the locker room. The coaches weren’t talking about it. Obviously because he wasn’t here, it’s something to talk about it. But nobody in the locker room was talking about it.”