Jaworski on Flacco: 'He's a top-10 QB'

When it comes to completion percentage, the Ravens' Joe Flacco ranks 21st in the NFL at 60.4 percent. Flacco's 250 yards passing per game ranks 15th in the league. His 13 touchdowns are 17th and his 56.4 QBR is 16th (and third-best in the AFC North).

So where does he rank with ESPN's Ron Jaworski?

"[C]learly I think Joe Flacco is a top-10 quarterback," Jaworski said in a conference call with reporters. "For some reason, just doesn't seem to get the recognition that I believe he richly deserved."

Flacco is a top-10 quarterback -- perhaps even a top-five one -- when playing at Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium. His 85.1 QBR at home leads all qualifying quarterbacks.

The problem is how Flacco struggles on the road. His 25.0 QBR is the third-worst in the league, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Asked about the disparity, Jaworski acknowledged he didn't have a great explanation for it.

"Here's what I like about what they do, and maybe this is maybe the difference between being great at home and not so great on the road," he said. "They're a deep-ball passing team. They want to throw it down the field. In fact, I got done doing a breakdown which shows passes of 20 yards or more, and he's 25 of 61, 767 yards and seven touchdowns. Now the completion percentage is only 41 percent. But remember you're throwing the ball more than 20 yards down the field, and it's produced seven touchdowns. Because they're such hit-or-miss plays, maybe they've tried more of these on the road than they have at home. That's about the only thing that would pop into my mind right now."'

Jaworski also addressed another quarterback in the AFC North, the Browns' Brandon Weeden.

“With a young quarterback, it’s all about becoming more consistent, and I’m seeing as the season progresses, he has gotten better,” Jaworski said. “So I think Weeden does have a future in Cleveland.”

Jaworski's opinion of Weeden has changed since the preseason when he thought the Browns were rushing Weeden.

"I did not think he was ready to become a starting quarterback in the NFL," Jaworski said. "Now he has gotten better every week. He still needs to improve, but I think he will improve.”