NFL Power Rankings: AFC North reaction

One team in the AFC North moved up and another moved down. There were two that remained the same. Here's a recap of the Week 13 power rankings:


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 4

My ranking: No. 4

2012 record: 9-2

Comment: The Ravens moved up into the top four for the first time since Week 7, when they were 5-1. Baltimore's only two losses are to top-ranked Houston and 30th-ranked Philadelphia. Think the Ravens would like to play the Eagles now instead of back in September?


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 11

My ranking: No. 12

2012 record: 6-5

Comment: This week's six-spot climb was the largest of any team. The Bengals' three-game winning streak has jumped them up 12 spots since Week 10, when they were No. 23. This also marks the highest ranking for the Bengals all season. They were No. 12 heading into Week 5, when they were 3-1.


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 14

My ranking: No. 11

2012 record: 6-5

Comment: While the official power rankings has put Cincinnati ahead of Pittsburgh, I still have the Steelers ahead of the Bengals in my poll. The Steelers and Bengals have both lost to Cleveland and Baltimore. But Pittsburgh beat Cincinnati in the head-to-head matchup this season.


ESPN Power Ranking: No. 27

My ranking: No. 28

2012 record: 3-8

Comment: The win over the Steelers moved the Browns ahead of the Panthers, Raiders and Eagles. The Browns had spent 11 of the first 12 weeks ranked 30th or lower. This is the highest ranking for Cleveland this season.

Here are my rankings:

1. Texans

2. Falcons

3. 49ers

4. Ravens

5. Bears

6. Patriots

7. Broncos

8. Giants

9. Packers

10. Colts

11. Steelers

12. Bengals

13. Buccaneers

14. Saints

15. Seahawks

16. Vikings

17. Redskins

18. Dolphins

19. Cowboys

20. Rams

21. Lions

22. Cardinals

23. Jets

24. Bills

25. Chargers

26. Titans

27. Panthers

28. Browns

29. Raiders

30. Eagles

31. Jaguars

32. Chiefs