On Chad Henne against Jets' blitzes

The Jaguars seem to be talking as if the Jets are the most blitz-happy, complicated front in the football world.

Running backs coach Sylvester Croom, who talks the team through third-down blitz packages each week, took some extra time with his presentation this week.

“When you start talking percentages it’s pretty heavy what they’re doing,” coach Mike Mularkey told local media. “But they’ve been doing that for a long time. Identification and communication will be imperative this week, and very important for our guys to be on the ball.”

Per Jason Starrett of ESPN Stats and Info, the Jets have rushed five or more defenders on 33.8 percent of opponent drop-backs this season, the 12th-highest rate in the NFL.

On those 139 snaps, they have 10 sacks. The 10 sacks off blitzes ranks 17th in the league.

Yes, the Jaguars need to be ready to fend off potentially complicated stuff. If New York comes in and has a big day hitting Chad Henne it’s more likely to be about the Jaguars’ protection than the Jets’ blitzing.

Henne has a 42.6 QBR against five or more rushers this season, 23rd among quarterbacks with at least 50 attempts, and a 93.7 NFL passer rating (11th).

In his time in the AFC East with Miami, Henne played in four games against the Jets. The Dolphins were 3-1 in those games and he threw six touchdowns, one interception and had a 94.2 passer rating. But he did absorb 12 sacks.

“It’s definitely a difficult scheme that they run,” he said. “They bring every which guy on defense, so always got to be aware of what they’re doing, got to study their defense, understand your protections and the rhythm of the play, and as a quarterback get the ball out on time and knowing where to go with the football."