Colts must break road turnover streak

Road turnovers have been a killer for the Indianapolis Colts this season.

The Colts are minus-16 in the give-away, take-away ratio overall.

It's remarkable how many of their turnovers have come away from Lucas Oil Stadium. Andrew Luck has thrown 13 of his 18 interceptions on the road and the Colts have lost six of their eight fumbles away from home.

They've also lost four of their six road games.

Seventy-three percent of their turnovers away from home is certainly a giant issue. To win Sunday at Houston's Reliant Stadium, they will likely have to alter course. The Texans are plus-13.

“That’s been one of our problems on the road is holding onto the ball and giving it up to the opposition,” rookie tight end Dwayne Allen told Indianapolis reporters. “It’s going to be important for us to run the ball because in those games where we’ve had those turnovers, it’s been because we got behind and we’ve had to throw the ball a little bit more than we’d like to. If we get into a nice running groove, which we should, hopefully the ball won’t go up in the air as much or more than it needs to.”

Offensive coordinator and interim coach Bruce Arians has said that Luck’s interceptions have been coming as a result of faulty mechanics, not incorrect reads. He’s taking the ball to the right spots, just not throwing it as accurately as he needs to.

He’s thrown three interceptions in each of the Colts last two road games -- at New England and at Detroit.

While he’s certainly made a lot of plays downfield in the face of a rush, it can make any quarterback more prone to throw picks.

Luck said he needs make purposeful moves in Houston to avoid the Texans who may be closing in on him in the pocket.

“I think one, understand your reads and if guys aren’t there, know where your No. 2 guy is, know where your No. 3 guy is,” he said. “Make sure you go through your reads in a timely manner and try to feel the pocket as best as possible. If you’re stepping left, make sure you’re stepping left for a reason. Don’t step left to put the left tackle in a bind. It’ll be a fun challenge for the guys up front and us as an offense.”