49ers, Cards, Seahawks limited Tom Brady

2012 Tom Brady by Opponent

Tom Brady led the New England Patriots back from a 28-point deficit against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night.

When the game ended, however, Brady had one touchdown pass, two interceptions and his third defeat of the season against an NFC West opponent.

The 49ers used more than four pass-rushers only five times all game. Brady completed 3 of 5 attempts for 28 yards and a touchdown on those plays. He now has 19 touchdowns, zero interceptions, five sacks and a blistering 91.8 Total QBR score when opponents rush him with more than four defenders.

San Francisco gave up 415 yards passing to Brady when rushing four or fewer defenders. However, Brady had no touchdowns, two picks and three sacks on those plays. The pass rush affected him, particularly through the first half and again late in the game, when Ray McDonald and Ricky Jean Francois collected sacks.

The Cardinals (47.7), 49ers (53.7) and Seahawks (62.2) have held Brady to his lowest QBR scores of the season against four or fewer pass-rushers. The Cardinals (20.2) are the only team to hold Brady beneath 55.8 in QBR when rushing five or more. The Miami Dolphins (55.8) and 49ers (67.2) rank next on that list.

Brady has a 75.4 passer rating against the 49ers, Cardinals and Seahawks. His rating is 110.8 against everyone else. He has a 51.6 QBR score against the 49ers, Cardinals and Seahawks (41.1 when Seattle is excluded).

The chart breaks down the numbers.