B-Dawk picks the Cowboys

Former Philadelphia Eagles great Brian Dawkins, who now does NFL analyst work for us at ESPN, was asked on "SportsCenter" Tuesday morning to predict which of the three teams currently tied for first place will win the NFC East. The former Eagle couldn't pick his own team, which is 4-10 and not in the tie. So he says he's leaning toward the Dallas Cowboys because of something they're doing that they don't normally do.

"Usually, when they have those tight games, they find a way to lose those games," Dawkins said. "But for whatever reason, they're finding ways to win ballgames as of late."

He's right about that. The Cowboys are playing against their reputation -- tough and clutch when they need to be. Obviously, though, this is not an easy call, as they're tied with one team that's won five games in a row and another that won the most recent Super Bowl. I have no idea what's going to happen, but I think what I'll do is a three-part series of posts making the case for each of the NFC East's first-place teams -- the Cowboys, the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants -- and why their fans should feel optimistic about their team's chances. What do you guys think? That sound like a good idea?